🙌 Look what that jolly nice Mr Postman brought us; glorious (and useful!) art for our lovely walls!

You pour dozens of hours of your life, sweat, stress and, very nearly, tears, into a project, improving your skill, learning your craft and then, finally, just when the project is ready to take flight…you’re waiting on a good ol’ fashioned postman.

Not the most glamourous cliffhanger to bite your nails to 😥

But, lo! today, after a little bump in delivery, Mr Postie showed up and delivered my 2018 Wall Calendars!


And I got to see if I’d managed to translate the real world, via the digital world of my camera and computer, then back into the real world via a printing press, with any kind of artistic effectiveness.

And the result is…

*drum roll please 🥁*

(seriously, are you drum rolling?!)

YES! 😀


My calendar in all it’s gorgeously-350gsm-thick-and-silk-finished-shiny-paper-stock glory!

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Phew! 😌

Thank you to everyone who has already pre-ordered one; you really are awesome and I love you for your support! I’ll be shipping your calendars out this weekend, so, depending on your corner of the globe, you should receive them soon ✊

For anyone else on the fence, there really aren’t many left (like, just a handful), so if you do want to grab one, please do via your appropriate shipping link below:

[EDIT: I’ve removed the links below as they are now all sold out!]

  • 2018 Calendar with UK Postage 
  • 2018 Calendar with Non-UK Postage

I’m so chuffed to have gotten this year’s calendar together for you and look forward to turning my attention to my next project for you; my first full-length Album.

Cheers for sticking with me x

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