A small milestone of achievement

You know your options when you want to get something done?


  1. You pay someone to do it
  2. You trade something else other than money (e.g. your time) for someone else’s who can do it
  3. You do it yourself
  4. You don’t do it at all

If you really need to do it, you can scrap No. 4.

If you’ve got no money (generally my case!) you can scrap No. 1.

So that leaves trading something, with someone, or learning to do it yourself, right?

Well, I’m a sucker for learning; I love to learn how to do new things, so I pick option 3!

Perhaps that’s because I’ve had to be (i.e. due to not have money to pay other people, yet wanting things done!) or perhaps that’s just my general mindset, but I don’t just want things done, I want to know how they are done.

And that generally means I’m the one to do them!

Over the past few weeks, for over 50 hours (and counting; I use Toggl to keep track) I’ve been re-developing my website. Most of it is back-end stuff that doesn’t really show up too much on the front end, i.e. most people won’t really notice most of the changes.

But one change that I really hope people do notice is my new Shop!

Previously, I’ve only had one item of music that anyone could buy (my special edition of “For the Weekend“) but, as of last night, I’m delighted to say that now you can download all of my music from the same place.

Yep, every song I’ve finished so far (36, and growing by the month).

Not only that but also my music videos, my book of short stories and my wall calendar of landscape photography; all in one place, ready to be grabbed in two mouse clicks.

I’m sure you remember that sense of achievement at having figured out how to do something, then bringing it into reality?

For me, that’s my shop.

Getting it online signifies more than just having stuff that people can now buy; it’s a reminder to myself that I have actually produced some OK pieces of work!

I have a little trail, stretching back a few years, that I can look back over and see how I’ve improved, that I’ve not been standing still but, instead, have been moving forward.

Sure, I’ve a long way still to go, but to see all of one’s work of the past few years, collected in one place, is a strong motivation to keep going, to keep producing and to keep improving.

And yes, if people want to help support my journey by purchasing some of my work from my shop that is absolutely great, but I realise now that the achievement of having my shop, stocked as it is, is greater than the sum of it’s parts;

It’s proof that I can do this, that I am doing this.

It’s the opening of my future, not the closing of my past.

And that is a very exciting prospect indeed.

If you want to have a browse, and perhaps support my art, please feel free to have a virtual wander through my shop!

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