It’s only taken me a further 8 hours of confused work but, finally, my 2017 calendar of British landscape photography is at the printers; the most nerve-wracking “Click to Print” button I’ve ever pushed!


Unfortunately, it was my own fault it was so nerve-wracking, for choosing to do something so new to me in such a complex way.

I certainly could have done it more easily – there are plenty of online services that offer simple drag-and-drop interfaces – but I couldn’t find any that gave me the quality or control I was looking for.

So, in the end, I elected for one that gave me both.

Unfortunately, that meant that I’d have to design everything from scratch myself, including the calendar pages, something I’d not done before.

But I’m always confident in my ability to learn new things!

“I’ll just grab a calendar template from online, how hard can it be?” I said…

Well, turns out much harder than I thought!

Still, at least I have learnt a bunch of new things and improved my Photoshop skills 🙂

In light of finishing this rather last minute, and therefore finishing this post very close to midnight, I’m keeping my Black Friday 30% discount open for another 24 hours – until the end of Saturday.

(actually, I’m away this weekend, so it’ll really be end of Sunday, but “Shhh!”, don’t tell anyone 😉 )

I spent many, many hours learning how to improve my photos and then also how to put them together into a “proper” printed calendar – so I really hope many other people will also get to enjoy them too!!

I’ll be shipping them out next weekend, so please do consider getting yourself a copy for 2017 and, in doing so, massively helping support me in my little artistic endeavours.

You can order a copy to be shipped within the UK for £13, or have your copy shipped anywhere else in the world for just £17.

Well, cheers for reading, and cheers for all your support, in whichever way you are able to express it; I’m truly grateful for it.

Have a great weekend! 🙂

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