Alex Okoroji and The Naked Talk interviews me out of New York…from Nigeria…whilst I was in London…during a thunderstorm

It’s not often that I’ve been asked to do an interview that spans three continents, but then Alex Okoroji isn’t your average interviewer!

The first interview took place back in July 2015, when everything that could go wrong with the communications did 🙁

It was the 4th of July in the US and services weren’t up to their usual polish.

There was a tropical storm battering Nigeria, where The Naked Talk is based.

And I was holed up in London during a thunderstorm.

All in all a clear recipe for a challenging interview!

But Alex kept persevering and we did manage to have some conversation, in between all the cut-outs and silence!

You can hear that [slightly abridged!] interview here.

If you do make it through that you’ll understand why I was even more surprised when Alex asked me to be on her first anniversary show…along with forty-six other guests from all over the world.

Yep, forty-six.

Unsurprisingly it didn’t all go according to plan…

…but the show did pull in nearly a million listeners, so I’m bowled over by it, even if I only said a few words during the show itself (which is rather rare by my standards, since I usually prattle on…and on…and… 😉 )

Head here if you want to hear that show.

And certainly I want to give a massive THANK YOU!! to Alex Okoroji for having me on and her tireless and, frankly, exhaustive-looking work-ethic in promoting both those shows and every one else she works with; she’s a seriously driven, professional lady who emanates warmth, charisma and good-will; she’s definitely one to follow!

And on that note, here are her social profiles if you want to say hello!

Alex on Facebook

Alex on Twitter