An insight into my life’s goal – and what I want for YOU!

Well, it’s been a week since my reignited commitment to keeping in touch and I’ve stuck to the plan; I’ve dropped all other social networks and posted to my Facebook Page at least once a day.

And it feels great to reconnect with everyone!

I also managed my first vlog too 🙂

More Videos

Speaking of (and I know I’m a little behind the curve here), videos are going to become a greater part of how I communicate with you.

To start with, I’ll be posting a shortened, edited vlog every Wednesday on my Facebook Page.

My Private Facebook Group

If you want to “go deeper” (whatever that means!), I’ll also be posting more, unedited behind-the-scenes videos, on both family life and my creative projects, as and when, on my private Facebook Group.

Access is exclusive to those on my mailing list.

So, if you’d like access and aren’t already receiving emails from me (or aren’t sure!), simply join my mailing list by popping your email in below 🙂

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(any problems with getting an invite/accessing, just drop me a message on Messenger)

A Modern Workflow

This is all part of my plan to make my working life more simple, and mobile-optimised – both in terms of my workflow and, yours, as my wonderful reader!

Among other things, that’ll mean a gradual change in my website; I’m going to be cleaning and simplifying things (e.g. my right-hand sidebar is getting the chop).

It’ll also mean that, as I mentioned last week, I’ll be using fewer tools to communicate with you (i.e. email, my website and Facebook/Messenger).


Working towards THE Goal

Aside from making my life more simple, by focusing on how I can work from (and with) just my mobile phone, it’ll give me more flexibility over where and when I can work.

(and with two growing kids in a one-room flat, working flexibility is only going to get more important!)

It’ll also mean I can work as I travel, and travel as I work:

My wife and I have a vision for our future; we want to travel more as a family, experience more of the world together, and educate our children as we go, in a wider global setting, whilst fulfilling our creative passions.

I’ll go into more about that all another time, but if you’re interested, we’ve recently started a (very fledgling!) blog together, called Education by Travel, that will focus on this.

(there is also a Facebook Page too 🙂 ).

Like everything, it is an organic work-in-progress, but we hope it will become a way we can combine our passions, especially spending time together and growing as a family, alongside travel!

My Workflow

To try be as productive as possible, I’m dividing my month into weekly parcels.

The first week will be planning and scheduling certain content for Facebook (which you may have already seen this past week, e.g. travel photos, throwback Thursday photos, motivational Mondays, etc).

The next week will be admin – home projects and external ones (such as web design, marketing/advertising consulting, open mics, etc); stuff that helps pay the bills but isn’t where my heart – or future – lays.

(though if you’d like to know more about any of them, please just ask in the comments below )

The next two weeks will be devoted to a single, creative project.

(more on what that project is next week 😉 )

Of course, that project may not be finished in two weeks – it might take a few months of two-week blocks to finish – but it will ensure that I’m moving forward and completing ideas, whilst keeping frustration (at not moving forward and completing creative work!) at bay.

In short, it’ll allow me a better work-life balance (at least, that’s the theory!).

You CAN do it!

Why? Because that’s the life goal!

Striking that balance and exploring the world.

And in doing so, and sharing my journey to get there, I hope to inspire others to follow their passions, to not settle for a mundane, ordinary life, but to realise their dreams and live a full – and fulfilling – life.

In short; I want YOU to be inspired by what I’m doing so much so that you take really positive action to follow your passions and dreams.

Because it really is possible, and I want to prove that; and if I can do it, so can YOU!!!

So, who’s with me? 🙂

What do YOU think?! Please do share your thoughts: