Back to basics

I’ve written before about the importance of forming habits…and promptly let a bunch slip.

I’ve also written about how powerful taking little baby steps is….so now I’m reminding myself of that advice!

I’ve been so focused on work recently (especially launching and Audience.Ninja) that I’ve fallen out of the habit of many other things, including exercise.

And, really, if one allows their health to slip too much, there really isn’t much point in focusing on anything else; it’s game over!!

Normally I wake at 8am to start getting Mina to school for 8:55am (don’t judge me because normally I can’t sleep much before 2-3am like this morning).

Nonetheless, I set my alarm for 7:30am and made sure I did 20 mins of very basic exercise (just some stretching and qi gong).

It’s not a lot, but it’s a start.

Most importantly, it is a realistically maintainable habit; rather than getting up at 6am – which I could manage for a few days – this is something I’m sure I can make a habit.

After all, it’s only 30 mins, right?

Then, when that habit is established…I’ll change my alarm to 7am, and add some more exercise.

Baby steps.

I’ve started (re)applying it to a couple of other things too; taking 20 mins to do a vocal practice, for example.

It’s hard to break out of my current routine of work-focus, but it’s important to build those little snippets of the day for growth.

Because, if we don’t grow, rarely do we stay as we are’ we start deteriorating.

So, consider what small, baby steps you can take towards forming new, better habits (or getting rid of bad ones!).

And then comes the hard bit; making them so 🙂

*credit for the header photo – taken on Chinese New Year in London, before a day of demonstrations! – to my martial arts coach, Jef Sutherland, from JASMA. A good reminder to get back to my basics!

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