Birthdays, new songs, new phones and a big step towards THE goal

The work on the new Album Project is underway!

(do you hear a fanfare of trumpets too?! 😉 )

Sharpening my axe

I’ve worked out how I’m going to go about writing and recording it (pretty much) and started blogging specifically about it (here are the first and second posts) as well as posting specific content on my Facebook Group (including this demo of the first song written for it).

Not as much done as I’d have liked, but it’s a start and, as someone smart once said:

So I feel that my axe has been sharpened, and now it’s time to work at the tree!

(and what a BIG tree my first album feels!)

With great power comes great…apps

Another big change this week has come in the form of a new phone – the Samsung Galaxy Note8 🙂

And what a powerful beast it is!

As I’ve talked about previously, my plan is to whittle down my workflow to use mobile as much as possible.

Also, I want to produce more video content (hence the spate of video posts in my Facebook Group).

So, the natural combination was to have a phone that can not only record decent videos but allow me to edit them easily too.

And I must say, my new phone – in combination with the fantastic Adobe Premiere Clip app – has delivered on that goal, with bells on; and here’s the proof:

Last week, whilst on the tube, I was able to easily edit together these bunch of clips to produce my week’s vlog.

This is a really big thing; for the first time I didn’t need to sit at home on my desktop to do decent video editing; I could do it on the go, straight from my phone!

And that means our family is one step closer to being able to work as we travel and travel as we work; we’re one step closer to one of our family’s main life goals.

And THAT is very exciting!

(pretty much the final step is to be able to write, record and produce music from my phone…though that may be even more challenging, and need tools such as these bad-boy Snapdragon folding guitars)

One Year Older

The other thing of note; this week I turned 37 🙂

It was awesome to have SO many birthday wishes – thank you to each and everyone who helped make it a very special week!

Cheif among all; thank you to my wife who spoiled me even more than usual (if that was even possible 🙂 ) with multiple days of celebration and multiple cakes (including the best cheesecake I’ve ever had – and I’ve had a LOT of cheesecakes in my time!); I’m the luckiest man in history to have her by my side.

Cheers for sticking with me on my journey, I’m thoroughly looking forward to sharing this adventure – and the new Album Project – with you as it develops 🙂

Rock on, champion!

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