Something to ponder

Everything is easy to overcomplicate. Technology gives us four billion social media networks and the media tells us we need to be on all of them. But real genius is in simplification. Distilling the complex into a single transmittable nugget – one that can be shared in a moment, yet still carry the essence of […]

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Thank you for downloading!

More than a boost to the ego, it’s reinvigorating seeing that direct connection, between work laboured over alone and someone subsequently enjoying it…

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Songs are like buses…

Songs are like buses…you wait for one to come along, and then many come along at once 🙂 OK, not strictly true, but since I’ve started writing and recording again, I can feel the gates opening on a new period of creative work…

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New Music and Javascript Errors

It’s taken me a couple of months but I’m finally back to recording music – HUZZAH! Moreover, sculpting away at this new song is revealing a form that I’m not really known for…electronica! Not sure how it’s…

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