Prioritise understanding over action.

Too often people make snap decisions and take immediate action, without fully first comprehending the situation. Make your default habit to inform your mind before you express it. Put yourself in the other’s shoes. Seek to know why they feel and act as they do. Prioritise understanding over action…

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My new music video “For the Weekend” released

I’m really delighted to bring you my latest music video, “For the Weekend”. I filmed and edited the video myself, playing all four characters in it, so it was quite a logistical challenge! For the recording, I played each instrument, mixed and mastered it myself, at home, in my lounge, among Mina’s toys 🙂 I really hope you like it…

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This is what £22.5k a night buys you in Paris

If you’re like myself, and almost everyone else on the planet, it’s unlikely you’ll be booking this hotel suite anytime soon. But, if you are in the fortunate position of being in Paris in the near future, and having a cool £22,500 a night to spend on your accommodation, then this might be an option: […]

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