Desperado Swagger

On the bed trying to distract Mina before she falls on the floor…

I snatch at my guitar. Hypnotic bluesy tones swamp the room. Crises averted; she’s distracted. Then again, now so am I.

The call of easy cool emanated from my six string with a laid-back swagger; hints of the desert, of outlaws, of revenge. I had found my next song.

I had a simple groove, one basic chord, an acorn of a melody and a tone. Now I needed some focus.

I put on a few trailers, tried to find a fit. Tremors was too B-movie. My Cousin Vinny too comic. Then inspiration; Robert Rodriguez’ Desperado was the spot-on action-wrapped cool I was after.

Over the next day the song takes shape. A chorus comes. A few additional extra guitar parts. The arrangement. Then I find new toys to play with, get creative, add a vocal effect. Feel very Mr Producer.

One more day and the video is together too. “Around the Bend” – I’ve got my second song of the week. I’m on a roll. I hope you’ll roll with me.

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