Do you want to hear my new work-in-progress?

Right, so, I’ve got a guide version of my song “Take What You Want” – and I want to share it with you right now 🙂

As you might know (if you’ve been following my emails and posts for the last few weeks) I’ve been focused finding a new way to record drums, and have managed to sort them (at least basic ones).

So, I wanted to quickly drop some guide tracks down for the vocals and guitar on this new song – which I’ve just done.

Now, please bear in mind, these are ENTIRELY to be replaced! They are, literally, one-take tracks for the vocals and rhythm guitar, and one-take improvisations for the bass and lead guitar.

As a result, there are a fair few bits that are out of tune and out of time (and too loud, causing pops and distortion!); they are just a guide!

Also, the actual sounds of the instruments will change too (i.e. I just put a basic, one-button effects mix on each instrument, including the vocals, just to give this a touch more life) as will the mix (and mastering) of the song once I get to record it properly.
In short, the “final” version (whenever I get to it) will likely sound a lot different!

(and better, it is hoped!)

Normally, I’d be too embarrassed to share anything at this stage with anyone (except my wife!). But, as you know, I want to share my whole process with you – including the early stages when things don’t sound very good!

So, bearing that all in mind, I posted my “this took me 15 mins to record or improvise each part” guide version of the song into my private Facebook Group (you need up be on my email mailing list to get access to the group):

Listen to “Take What You Want” in my private Facebook Group 😉

I hope you dig it, even in this infancy state!

What do YOU think?! Please do share your thoughts: