Don’t worry over nothing

Speaking to my mum today, talking about someone else, said something I thought was always worth reminding ourselves, so I wanted to quickly share it:

We often find ourselves in a negative feedback loop in our minds, worrying over certain events that have happened or are happening.

Whether to do with work, family, friends or other interests, this often causes us anxiety, stress, tension and lack of sleep, maybe even depression and bad health.

But often it’s not the actual facts of the event – what has happened – that stress us, but that which we imagine might happen.

We ruminate on the fears associated with the potentials that could happen, not on what actually is.

And, more often than not, these potential outcomes never materialise.

So we’ve just stressed ourselves by living in a bad-dreamland!

Last night I couldn’t sleep until 4:30am (again!). I was stressing about work; about things I want to do, things I should be doing, things I can’t find the time for.

After reminding myself of this simple truth I realised I’d been stressing over things that don’t exist!

If something doesn’t exist, then it’s nothing.

So I was worrying over nothing!

Which reminds me of this fabulous Buddhist Guide to Worrying I want to leave you with:

Do you have a problem in your life?


Then don’t worry.


Then, can you do something about it?


Then don’t worry.


Then don’t worry! 🙂

Have a good day!

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