Eclectic Music Lover Reviews My Music

Romeo Crow - Review - EclecticMusicLover

It’s wonderful to receive a link, out of the blue, to a review of my music, especially one that calls me a “Renaissance man” and claims I have “striking looks“!

So a huge thank you to Jeff at the EclecticMusicLover blog for taking the time to put together a little piece about me.

I really appreciate all the help, support and feedback I get, and I know how much time something as seemingly simple as putting up a blog post can take, so cheers again to all who choose to share what I’m doing.

And on that note, please do go and read the full review on EclecticMusicLover blog and, if you can, drop a comment on it to let Jeff know you appreciate his work!

(and feel free to share it too, once you’re on his site 😉 )

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