Finished writing the first song for the Album Project – want to hear it?! :)

I’ve finished writing the first song for the Album Project!

I’m trying to improve my craft and thus do things a little differently with this music project.

So, in that spirit, instead of accepting the lyrics that I’d written, I really tried to par them down, cut away excess words, whilst still retaining the meaning.

I guess the idea being that it gives more room vocally, for phrasing and melodic interpretations; there’s more space to sing the words, as there are less words 🙂

Once I’d finished writing it – which meant looping verses over and again, as I try to work out the best way (at least, best for now!) of singing and phrasing them – the next step was to record a quick reference performance.

So I did a simple acoustic version, me singing and playing at the same time, that has the main structure of the song, the melody and the lyrics, and gives me something to refer to when I come to the next step; recording it properly.

If you want to hear the acoustic version you can watch the video over on my private Facebook Group (or click the link below):

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I hope you enjoy the first airing of the song – now let’s see how it progresses!

Cheers for reading 🙂

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