Why I have been so quiet recently (and how that’s about to change!)

It’s been awhile since I did a blog post and for that I do apologize.

These past few months, the summer holidays, have been a time of change and reflection for me.

With Mina being home from school, I’ve had a lot less time than I normally would.

And when you add in Leonardo, now being seven months and a bit more mobile, it means that my life has most definitely changed!

Also, (you may not know), as I run multiple open mic nights during the week, it means I’m out most nights, so I’m not home to help Simona with the evening routines, and miss putting the kids to bed with a story.

Work-Life Balance

So I wanted to try and spend a lot more time with my family, especially with my children being so young because they grow up so quickly!

Last year, over the summer, I was working so much that I pretty much missed it, and really didn’t want to repeat that this year.

There’s always work to do, there’re always projects and deadlines that I need to meet, as well as my desire to create stuff, and that’s never going to go away.

But it’s the same tomorrow as it is today, and it will be the same in a week or a month or a year; it’ll always be there.

However, the precious time with my children and my wife is more valuable to me than living just for work, work, work!

So I’ve been striving to achieve a better work-life balance, and spend more time with my family enjoying time together, rather than stressing about work.

As part of that, every morning I’ve been going for a walk with my wife and the kids in the park, and where possible, doing a little bit of Tai Chi too.

The interesting part is; by taking the mornings off for family, health and relaxation, I’ve been more productive in the afternoon than the days when I had more time!

My Work

I feel a lot of pressure whenever I read a blog post or listen to a podcast, that there’re all these things that I should be doing for my creative and music career.

It seems that every minute I’m told I need to be on a new social network, or that I have to be on Twitter or I need to be on Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

There’s always some new tool that apparently I can’t live without, and my career won’t go anywhere unless I jump on it now, now, now!

And that all makes for a really stressful mind.

Too much confusion and too much noise!

So I’ve decided that I’m going to focus my online time and energy in only three places:


I’m going to send a lot more regular emails and keep in touch with people in that good old fashioned way!

It’ll be at least once a week (including a quick note each time I do a new blog post), maybe more, and means you can read them at your leisure when the time suits, without having to check here on my blog, or on a gazillion different social networks, to see what I’ve been up to or have created recently.

If you’re not already receiving emails from me but would like to, please sign up below. And if you are on my list, but don’t want to hear from me via email anymore, feel free to unsubscribe – I don’t want you to receive emails that you don’t want 🙂

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My website

I’m going to post more regularly on here, at least once a week (on a Sunday) if not a little more often.

And, as I said, I’ll send an email whenever I post so you don’t have to worry about checking back for anything new; just check your inbox if you’re on my mailing list 🙂

Facebook and Messenger

Of all the social networks Facebook is the most widely used and the most accessible.

It has all the tools for everything I want to do; I can put my music up there, my videos, my thoughts, and post some photos nice and easily.

And it’s all in one place.

Plus the Messenger component, or app, means that you can get in touch for simple 1-2-1 chats really easily.

To that end, I’m also going to add a Messenger chat option on here, my website, as (alongside email) my primary form of contact, whenever you want to talk!

Other Social Networks

So, for the time being, I’m not going to look at other social networks.

That means, my apologies if you message me on Twitter, or if you’re expecting new content on Instagram, but I won’t be posting anything there for the foreseeable future.

YouTube I’m undecided on, but probably won’t be using that for a while either.

From Tomorrow

What I will be doing, as of tomorrow, is posting at least once a day on my Facebook Page, which will also encompass my travel photography at least once a week.

(if you’d like to see my posts on Facebook but are not already connected to me there, just hit the Facebook Like button below)

New Music

And so what about music?

It’s coming!

I’ve got a plan, a new way of working that I’m currently trialling.

The goal is to find a way to complete more creative projects, more quickly, whilst still maintaining a healthy balance of time with my family during the day, so that they still have time with me even when I’m not there in the evenings.

I won’t go into details about it now because I think I banged on long enough but in next week’s post!

But I’ll talk to you more about what I’m doing with my music, when it’s coming and my new workflow, next week.

So I do hope you’ll stick with me and continue to support me in this next stage of my journey.

I’d love to hear from you so please do let me know what you think in the comments below or feel free to hit me up via email Facebook or Messenger

Cheers, thanks for reading and have a great day 🙂

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