il Dispari – My first newspaper feature….in Italy!

When my wife received a Whatsapp picture message from her friends back home in Ischia, Italy, she was somewhat surprised to be staring at a picture of my face in an Italian newspaper…

And so was I!

Earlier this year I’d put out a video for my song “Shoes“, which was filmed entirely on my phone (cue very shaky camerawork) as I made the journey from my home in Battersea, London, to my wife’s family home in Ischia. I was massively surprised to find that once it got put on Facebook it received over 2,000 views in 3 days!

Off the back of that I was contacted by Maria Funiciello, from the newspaper il Dispari, to ask if I’d do an interview (and of course I duly obliged!).

So, with a HUGE thanks to Maria Funiciello, you can read the interview below (just click the image to load it up!).

Of course if, like me, your Italian is a little rusty, I made a somewhat butchered attempt at translating it (via Google Translate) underneath. I did my best to retain the language and grammar as given by Google, but perhaps not always too successfully.. 😉

Romeo Crow in il Dispari

A smiling face, hair indomitable and a really incredible music talent music. Add to this his heart, his groove, and his relation to our island, and we have a winning combination.

The hero of our space dedicated to music and talent is Romeo, a likeable musician we met through youtube and who, once contacted, immediately demonstrated an easy availability for a chat and for a “live” meeting the next time he’s on our island.

The video, which was uploaded on a sharing platform more known for Audiovisual, is titled “Shoes” (and a long journey from London to Ischia, Italy!) and shows the journey that he makes many times a year from the front door of his home in London to our island, the hometown of his wife.

Having seen and shared his video, we exchanged some emails where he told us a bit about his life and his dreams. We discovered, in fact, he is a regular at our shores and that the family of his wife lives about ten minutes away from the Port of Ischia.

“I’m in London – tells us Romeo – “and it is in that city I met my wife, who is originally from Ischia. I return about four times per year, and now with our little girl, who appears briefly in the video”

Since the first sentences exchanged we notice the great love for Romeo of Ischia. “I love Ischia! It is a wonderful island, and the views it offers are lovely. I really love overlooking Naples, with Vesuvius in the background and the Island of Capri on the horizon.”

Romeo knows the island really well and never fails to walk among the most beautiful and special places, whether admiring the sunset in Forio or eating a pizza in Ischia Ponte.

“I also like to climb Mount Epomeo to enjoy nature and the breathtaking views. And I never miss a tasty croissant from Calise!”

A love, that of Romeo for our island, which goes beyond the his family ties, “the food, the weather, the views …. Ischia is a beautiful island and I’m sorry that it is not very well known in the UK or USA.”

And there is so much of our land and of our traditions in music that composes and that is heard around the world. “Ischia certainly influenced the making of the video for “Shoes”, and will be the setting for many other videos for my songs in the future.”

Between jokes Romeo reveals his small (though large!) dream: “I want to contribute in the promotion of Ischia to the world, to help make it known to a greater number of people through my music videos.”

And we say that the good news is that Romeo is on the right track: his profiles on social media are very popular, with fans from all over the world, especially from America. “I love Italy, but I particularly want to promote the island. I’d love to organize some concerts on Ischia in the near future and, maybe, produce some music on the island too.”

Romeo is a volcanic and creative guy, seeking to promote and make known his talent to as many people as possible, but he is also open to possible collaborations with other artists and musicians because, he says, “Music is like art culinary, when you stir the ingredients with passion and love, the result is always greater than the sum of its parts.”

Romeo is the classic, real testimonial who promotes the island through his art without asking anything in return, led only by the love he feels for our land, especially thanks to his Ischitan wife.

But it is more than that: he conveys an artistic image of the island that fascinates and captures the attention of those who see his videos, click on his official website and his Facebook page. From the comments present, in fact, we see that there is no shortage of appreciation and requests for further information on our island of Ischia.

Romeo’s testimonial, as an emerging name in global music scene, is really important and certainly helps Ischia in making inroads in the UK market.

What’s more, we were able to get a nice promise from Romeo: to meet him next time he’s on the island so we can present him a “gift” created by the readers of il Dispari.

Once again, thank you massively to the wonderful Maria Funiciello for her interest, time and effort in putting this together; I really look forward to meeting in person next time I’m back… (just logging on to now… 😉 )

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