Interview with Music Matters Magazine

I’m still so surprised (and very flattered!) that people choose to spend some of their time interviewing me.

So, as always, I was really grateful when Amanda Knight at got in touch and asked me a bunch of good questions.

I thoroughly enjoyed answering them and hope that my answers also had something new, for those of you who perhaps have read some of my previous interviews.

You can read my full interview on Music Matters Magazine here.

So a big THANK YOU! to Amanda for putting it all together, but not just for my interview; the whole site is really passionate about music and I’m sure you’ll find it a great place to unearth some gems you may never have heard of – so do have a browse there!

I know that putting these things together takes a lot of time so please, if you do enjoy the interview/their blog, show some love in their comments section – I’m sure they’ll really appreciate it (I know I do!!).

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