Introducing my Son! :)

I’m absolutely delighted to introduce the newest member of our family, Leonardo!

Born on the 25th January at a very solid 4.06kg, I’m very happy to say that mother, son and sister Mina are all doing very well 🙂

As you can imagine, this is why I’ve been a bit quiet these past few weeks!

Moreover, this is why, since mid-December, I’ve been making some changes at home, both to the physical space and to how and where I’m allocating my time.

Naturally, I wanted to spend more time with my family and support Simona and Mina as much as possible.

But, moving forward, I also wanted to get back on track with my other goal – something I’d allowed myself to waiver a little from over the past year.

That goal is, in short, creating more music and art and sharing more of it.

Happily, I’m putting the systems and habits in place to best achieve this, so bear with, there’ll be a lot more music coming to you in 2017!

(along with some major new sections of my website – namely a shop where you can download everything I’ve done!)

Exciting and joyful times!

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