Is this what I want to be doing, every day, for the next fifty years?

With new years come new plans.

For me, it’s meant simplifying things even more.

I’m doing a lot less of a lot more.

Weeding out the demands and pressures on my time.

(most often self-inflicted)

I’ve many reasons for this change (including a particularly huge one I’ll be sharing with you later this month) but, at its essence, is this question:

Is this what I want to be doing, every day, for the next fifty years?

If the answer is “No”, then an honest and deep reconsideration is in order.

Conversely; a “Yes” marks the spot.

Life is too beautiful, too full of joy and too short to be spent in actions that go contrary to desire.

Sure, some things we don’t like doing still need to be done, regardless.

But the real danger in life isn’t doing something you dislike, it’s doing something you actually don’t mind, something even fairly pleasant and fun, but one that doesn’t lead to your desired lifestyle.

Notice I didn’t say your desired goal.

A goal is a waypost, a milestone, a target to hit.

It’s not a way of living.

What you did yesterday, between waking in the morning and going to sleep in the evening; that’s your way of living.

The same for how you spent today, and how you will spend tomorrow.

My “goal” in life relates to how I spend my days, not just today, but those of five years time, of fifty years time.

My favourite quote of all time is Gandhi’s:

Be the change you seek in the world

It is so powerful because of its simplicity and applicability.

In this particular case; if I want my day to look a certain way in five years time, what changes to my day can I make right now, so that it better resembles how I want to live in the future?

For me, this idea is at the heart of my 2017.

This is my new plan, for the new year.

Simple doesn’t mean easy to do, but it does mean easy to start.

And then it’s baby steps, the constant progression on life’s journey.

At least, that’s me.

What’s at the core of your 2017?

What do YOU think?! Please do share your thoughts: