Ischia: If it’s good enough for Will Smith…

The main street of Ischia...during lunch (i.e. deserted!)

For the first time in a year I’ve come to visit my in-laws.

My wife is from an island called Ischia, in the South of Italy, off the coast of


View over Ischia, towards Naples

View over Ischia porto, towards Naples and Vesuvius (click to open and then zoom in in your browser!)

It’s a beautiful island, known as L’Isola Verde (the Green Island) that is relatively unknown to the English-speaking tourism world.

(they tend to get sold the far less interesting, far more expensive, but far better branded island of Capri, laying about 32km to the the South-East)

That said, Will Smith and Denzel Washington are here right now (the picture below of Will and Willow Smith was taken yesterday) so it’s not totally off the beaten track!

Will Smith & Willow Smith

Will Smith & Willow Smith strolling yesterday in Lacco Ameno, Ischia – N.B. I didn’t see them, nor take this picture!

Regardless of celebrity status, one of the main reasons to come to this part of the world…is to eat.

Fresh fish

If you like fresh fish, you’re in for a treat

But what the region is really famous for…is pizza 😀

Considered an invention of Naples by most (though the first recorded use of the word pizza was in Gaeta in 997 CE, some 80km away) this humble street food is disturbingly tasty, surprisingly cheap (€3-4) and exceptionally quick to make.

So quick, in fact, that I took this little video for you (though, I confess, I missed the first 30 seconds or so of the pizzaiolo – pizza-making man – expertly kneading, spinning and bashing the dough into shape first, and spared you the last couple of minutes of baking):

Of course, that’s not the first pizza I’ve eaten this week (nor will it be my last). This bad boy had that honour:

My first pizza of the week

My first pizza of the week, I was so excited my photo was blurred 😉

Alongside savoury I’ve also been indulging in sweet – possibly a bit too much sweet..

Romeo feasting on Nutella

Feasting on black and white Nutella…barely contained in a cornetto 🙂

Outside of excessive eating I’ve been doing a lot of walking and taking a few photos of this beautiful island to share with you:

Store in Forio, on the West side of the island

Store in Forio, on the West side of the island

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Next week I’ll be back in London, and back to working hard on new songs, but before that I’ll post at least one more update.

For now though, I bid you a very relaxed, “Ciao!” 😀

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