What I’ve built this week – and why it matters

One should always measure progress not by the big Eureka leaps and bounds but by the small, almost imperceptible steps that keep you moving.

Additionally, one should always remember that everything is linked, no matter how unrelated it might seem; one small move forward here supports a larger improvement there.

Here’s my case in point; this week has been home admin week.

Home Admin = Sexy

OK, it’s not sexy, nor is it “creative work”, but it is eminently practical.

Having a better set-up at home is a precursor to getting better creative work done, when it’s time comes.

So, this week has been rather heavily…home DIY!

(and, dear reader, please bear in mind; I don’t consider myself having either the tools or the talent for DIY – though I can follow printed instructions and YouTube videos!)

I have:

  • Assembled a cot for Leonardo.
  • Assembled a new bed for Mina.
  • Disassembled and disposed of some broken down furniture.
  • Assembled a new chest-of-drawers (my life’s flat-packed triumph realised in wood and screws – and the first time I’ve never actually had to use a hammer!).
  • Re-arranged a room full of furniture.
  • Organised a new dishwasher install (I think doing it myself would have been above my pay-grade 😉 )
  • Vacuuming, cleaning, washing and tidying the whole place…multiple times!
  • Gone slightly bonkers on acquiring 3 x Echo Dots for my birthday, and connecting them up to 20-year-old stereos in a couple of rooms so we now have synced music playing throughout the flat (hey, I thought it was a fair treat since I was DIYing the whole flat!)

The Net Result

It, literally, took a week of shuffling boxes and furniture around the place to make space for setting it all up – it feels like we’ve just moved into a new flat!

But now that it’s done the place is ready for the next chapter of our lives (Leonardo moving from Moses Basket to his own cot – soon to be a toddler, among other things) and fitting it all into our one-bed flat.

And now it’s ready, I can turn my attention onto more…creative things 🙂

Website Simplicity

The first thing you might have noticed; my website has had a little tidy.

As mentioned last week, I’ve removed the right side-bar and made the blog full-width.

Not a huge change, but it is indicative of where I’m going; things are now simpler, easier to read and with fewer distractions.

(I also removed the hovering share bar too, and a bunch of back-end plugins – a digital declutter, just like the work in the flat 🙂 )

Unfortunately, I also attempted something I thought would be easy (adding a floating Facebook Messenger icon across my site) and failed at it, but did manage, in the process, to destroy both my homepage and my shop (yes, that shop that I spent over 100 hours building at the beginning of this year 🙁 ).

Naturally, it was a little disappointing.

However, it’s probably for the best – the shop wasn’t “simple” enough, so it was likely to be overhauled soon anyway…ish 🙂

So, now my flat is cosy, comfortable and habitable again, and my website is streamlined, what’s next?

Time to Unleash the Creative Beast

Following on from last week, where I talked about how I’m partitioning my month into weekly blocks, the next two weeks are going to be focused on a creative project, which is going to be…MUSIC!!!


However, not just any old music; I have a very ambitious plan:

I’m going to write and record my first full-length album.

(there, I said it, I can’t go back now!)

It’ll be between 10-12 songs and I intend (finance permitting) to get it properly mixed and mastered.

I want it to sound like a “real” record (whatever that means!).

That said, I’ll still be recording it at home on my own, one part at a time 🙂

(it’ll be a loooooong time before I have that much finance, to pay other musicians, a studio and an engineer to record with!)

And, of course, I’ll be documenting the whole process, and sharing it as I go; a little on my Facebook Page, a bit here on my website and via email, and the majority of it in my private Facebook Group.

(if you’re on my mailing list, you can go ahead to Facebook and request access to the Group, if you’re not on my mailing list, you can sign-up / double-check you are on it below:)

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Like most things I do, I’m not sure exactly of the process, or what the end-result will be, but I’ll just start, and work it out as I go.

I hope you’ll enjoy the journey with me 🙂

P.S. There’s been no Vlog this week because my phone died last week! (so no videos 🙁 ). However, as per my plan in last week’s blog post, I have a new phone now and intend to move to a more mobile-orientated workflow. Not sure how that will manifest, but that’s half the fun, eh?! 🙂

What do YOU think?! Please do share your thoughts: