Journal: Week 28

It’s been a few week’s since my last entry, and for that I apologise.

But I promise that I’ve not been idle in this time – far from it!

“Devil in Your Ear”

First up, I delivered my July song to my Member’s Club…albeit a week late šŸ™

It’s a rocking trackĀ called “Devil in Your Ear” and holds a fairly dim view of the media, alongsideĀ one of my favouriteĀ guitar solos yet, even if I do say so myself!

(here’s a slightly earlier take of the solo, before I refined and re-recorded it:)

Members can download the finished songĀ now by logging in here…and non-Members can also grab it right now by becoming a Member for just Ā£1.

(or, for Ā£3, get over 30 of my songs; either way, it’s an amazing support, helping me create more new music for you to enjoy in the future; a double-whammy of awesomeness for us both!)


But that’s not the only big project I’ve been working on; I’ve been shopping!

Well, shopping for a shop, to be precise:

After many people kindly asked me where they can buy my music (and me answering, somewhat sheepishly, “Urm, nowhere yet…”) I have finally worked out the finer intricacies of opening a shop right here, on my website.

Whilst I iron out some of the kinks (i.e. learn how to actually use the software that powers it!) I’ve only launched one product…but what a product šŸ˜‰

“For the Weekend” – Collector’s Package

It’s an epic Collector’s Package for my long-awaited release “For the Weekend“.

For the Weekend - Thumbnail Poster - medium

It features 1.2 GB of goodies, including of course the song, the lyrics,Ā a few hi-res digital posters, some behind-the-scenes video clips, the shooting script and the full music video, of which, here’s the trailer:

And, perhaps best of all, you get to decide how much it’s worth; you can pay what you want (with a Ā£1 minimum to cover Stripe/PayPal fees). Just enter the amount in the box below and away you go:

[wp_eStore_fancy2 id=5] [wp_eStore_cart_fancy1_when_not_empty]

“Your Eyes Don’t Lie”

But just because one or two songs are out the door, work doesn’t stop!

My August Member’s Club song is written and partially recorded, and is a slowish, bittersweet romantic song, currently under the title “Your Eyes Don’t Lie“.

Picture the classic scene in any boy-meets-girl movie when the couple-to-be hit their biggest crisis point and (temporarily) go their separate ways.

You got that scene in mind?

Good; nowĀ imagine this is the song swelling upĀ to fill your speakers!

Here’s the opening verse:

Thieves in the night
Our crimes are love
Precious these gifts
Pressures to touch

Your Eyes Don’t Lie” will be out in the Member’s Club on August 1st.

(Mina, being home from school for summer holidays, permitting…)

“Made My World Burn”

I’ve also got a couple more songs that I’ve been working on recently, including a little ditty I wrote at 2am a couple of nights ago called “Made My World Burn“, which has got a little Chris Cornell-type vibe to it.

(at least, it does to me!)

Furry Friends

Phew! I’d love to know what you think about my songs, lyrics, shop; everything! So don’t forget to leave a comment at the bottom of this page.

It’s been a very busy and productive few weeks as I eagerly try to do as much as I can before school breaks up next week and Mina is home every day, in which case my focus will turn from making music to making conversation with Mina and her little band of furry friends šŸ™‚

Mina's Little Band of Furry Friends

Mina’s Little Band of Furry Friends!

What do YOU think?! Please do share your thoughts: