Journal: Week 29

This has been one of the scariest weeks for me, in my musical journey, and here’s why:

The forest

It’s easy to miss your progress through the forest when you’re always surrounded by trees.

Black Spout Wood, Pitlochry, Scotland

I took this in Black Spout Wood, Pitlochry, Scotland.

There are so many different paths ahead, constant obstacles to be overcome, options for different routes; so many choices.

It’s easy to forget that where you are now is not where you were last week, or last year.

If you could suddenly lift off and shoot a few hundred feet up, high enough to see where you started, would you want to?

You’d have a frame of reference, a sense of what you’ve accomplished so far.

You’d also see just how far you’ve still got to go

The launch

Finally I took one of the scariest, fear-inducing, steps of my music career so far, and metaphorically shot myself into the sky by launching my first song for sale.

Romeo Crow - Launch

The blazing trail of my launch!

It was time to get a true frame of reference for my journey through my musical forest.

Last week, sweating somewhat more than the glorious London sunshine could be held solely responsible for, I anxiously put my first product on-sale, then sent an email to those who had previously downloaded my free songs, to let them know.

The wait

And I waited.

I’d like to say I was cool and collected but, in truth, I didn’t wait more than a couple of minutes before I was nervously checking my inbox.

I felt like my phone was, literally, my life-support machine, checking in with it every couple of minutes.

I couldn’t stop, I was addicted to the “pull down to refresh” action.

And then, after what seemed an eternity…someone bought my song:

Romeo Crow - PayPal

Someone paid me for my art, for my work.

And that was one of the best feelings I’ve ever experienced.

(and one of the biggest reliefs too 😉 )

Edit: literally, as I was writing this post, I received this lovely email from Naomi (thanks Naomi!!), the person whose full name I blued out above. I thought it was so sweet, I wanted to share it with you! (click to enlarge and read)

Romeo Crow - Email

The relief

As my martial art’s coach had suggested, like Indiana Jones I had taken that very scary leap from the lion’s head…and, to my immense relief, landed on firm ground:

Indiana Jones Leap from the Lion's Head

The amount wasn’t important (though it was, very generously, more than the minimum set price), but the action was of incalculable value:

Finally, I didn’t feel like a musical fraud.

(well, a little less of a fraud, perhaps; I’m not sure that feeling will ever go away entirely!)

After that initial sale came in, so too did another. And another. Then a handful more.

I was amazed by how generous people were; though there was a minimum price of £1 it was incredible that most chose to pay more.

(on one occasion 10x more – thanks Joel D, YOU are the MAN!!)

From small acorns

Though the number of total sales wasn’t very high, it was a start.

I was reminded (by my mum!) that from small acorns grow mighty oaks.

It is just another step of many, many more to come.

After all, the forest is a very big place, and I’ve got a lot further to go before I get to the other side!

(if you want to support me on my journey, please considering buying a copy of my first release. Simply enter your price below and click the button)

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*N.B. there is a minimum of £1 to cover PayPal/Stripe fees and taxes 🙁

In other news…

In a welcome distraction from the “business” end of being a musician above, I’ve also been working on the “creative” side; busily sculpting my August Member’s Club song, “Your Eyes Don’t Lie“.

I’ve already had some lovely feedback on the guitar solo (see below) and my wife thought the song has a U2 vibe about it, from some of their more intimate and delicate songs, so I hope it’s going to be well received.

Facebook comment

Over to you

Well, thanks for sticking with me, I’d love to know what you think of the above, so please do drop your comment below, and I’ll speak to you soon 🙂

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