Journey of an Independent Songwriter & Musician: Week 23

As part of my ongoing drive to simplify what I’m doing I continued my website redevelopment, at the beginning of this week, so as to eventually make it my primary communication channel.

To that end I added “notifications” to it; there is a little red bell in the bottom left corner of the page that you can click on to be notified when I post something new.

(I’m not sure if it is showing on all platforms – e.g. Android, iOS mobile, desktop, etc – so please let me know if you can’t see it on the device/platform you’re using in the comments section at the bottom of this page!)

This week I’ve been absolutely delighted to welcome some new Members to my Members Club – I’m so happy to have more people enjoying my songs, and new music video “For the Weekend“, and so thankful for their invaluable support in helping me create new music too!

On that note; the middle part of the week has been spent working on the next Members Exclusive Song for July:

It is a complete reworking of a very old song of mine called “Drowning in Shallows“.

I’ve worked hard on writing new parts and arranging a much more interesting musical bed, and on a new streamlined structure for it.

Now it needs a complete re-write lyrically, as the melody has totally changed (hopefully for the better!) and I’m sure that’ll include a new title too.

It’s another push forward into new territory – using drum loops and trying to improve my mixing skills – and will be on my second “full band” EP (“They Come and Go Like Rain” being the first EP).

Currently titled “Grip the Sky“, this second full-band EP also features “Shoes” and “For the Weekend“, so it’s a more rock/funk-rock effort than the blues-fused first EP, and hopefully a bit better crafted too, from a songwriting perspective.

(though “full band” is a bit of a misnomer, since it is only me writing/performing everything; it just means that it will feature a full band setup of at least bass, drums, guitars and vocals, rather than, for example, being an acoustic guitar and vocal EP, such as my “Sketches Vol. 1” and “Sketches Vol. 2” EPs!)

Not sure when I’ll have the full EP finished, but I am very glad to be gaining momentum with it!

(N.B. Level 2 Members and higher can download all of five of my EPs – 26 songs – right now!)

And the rest of this week has been spent doing something I’ve long neglected…relaxing!

After the best part of a year I’m finally on holiday with my family at my in-laws, and all I’m doing (apart from a little work…) is eating, walking and sleeping – and it feels good!

Romeo Crow on holiday - eating pizza

Doing what I love doing…eating proper Italian pizza!

(follow me on Instagram if you want to see more photographic evidence – though probably not of the sleeping part! 😉 )

Cheers for reading, I’ll speak to you soon.

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