Journey of an Independent Songwriter & Musician: Week 24

Although I’ve been on holiday I’m finding it rather challenging to be away from work for so long!

After only a few days I’ve been itching to return home, to make music, improve my website and start working on my next video.

Bonkers, isn’t it?

Finally, after a year, I’m in the sun and can “relax“…yet I can’t help but look forward to coming home and working 🙁

Is that normal?!

I guess that’s the difference between working in a “job” for someone else, or doing what you love for yourself.

(and not getting holiday pay probably plays a part too!)

So I’ve tried to find a little distraction, mostly with taking photos of Ischia for my Instagram.

And I’ve been flattered from some feedback, suggesting I turn some of them into postcards, note cards and prints.

(perhaps that’s something I should look into; would anyone be interested in buying them?)

I’ve also done a bit of reading; catching up on my beloved backlog of National Geographic magazines and reading some books by Jeff Goins (You Are a Writer and The Art of Work).

The latter has gotten me pondering deeper over how I’m working, what I’m creating and rekindling a slightly dulled passion of mine; writing.

In the past few weeks I’ve alluded to using my website as my main channel and blogging more.

For the past few months I’ve had a growing desire to write fiction again.

(did you know I have a book of short fiction stories on Amazon?)

Both of these are focused on me writing more.

(perhaps like the old “inspirational” posts I used to do?)

So Jeff’s books – about writing and finding your calling – have come at an interesting time, as I try to gain clarity on what, exactly, I’m supposed to be doing, and where (which platforms) I should be doing it!

More food for thought.

More confusion for mind!


Tomorrow we fly back and I’m thoroughly looking forward to completing my July Members Song (currently titled “Drowning in Shallows“) and cracking on with new songs, as well as figuring out a release for “For the Weekendnext month.

It’s been a lovely trip but I miss being productive – even if relaxing can be considered productive; I’m eager to create stuff!

As always life’s not a straight road, and minds are apt to distractions, so cheers for sticking with me…wherever it is I’m going.

On that note; what would you like to see me do more of?

It would be a great help if you’d let me know in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

I’ll speak to you soon 🙂

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