Journey of an Independent Songwriter & Musician: Week 22

Keep it simple.

How many times have I heard this phrase? How many times have I used it?!

(I even wrote this blog-post about it a while back)

And yet, I seem to forget this universally-excellent advice and over-complicate things far too often!

Well, hopefully not anymore… (he says…)

As I talked about in last week’s post, my work focus has narrowed down to one simple idea; keep my Members happy.

And this has allowed me to discard a lot of the “busy” work I was doing – peripheral stuff tantamount to procrastinating – and focus instead solely on what’s really important; creating as much value for my Members as I can.

It’s helping me to keep it simple.

Part of this process is creating a more streamlined, cleaner and clearer website.

(my blog being the latest to receive a redesign this week)

Most importantly; I’ve released my Members Exclusive Song for the month – “For the Weekend“.

(along with it’s long-awaited music video!)

As a consequence I can see my attention shifting away from peripheral channels and more towards this website.

The result is three blog posts this week (as opposed to the one…or zero or recent times).

In the future I intend to post more on my blog, less so elsewhere.

(though, of course, I will still share those posts on social media!)

So thank you for keeping up with my ever-evolving journey; I’m not sure where it’s leading but I sure am glad you’re with me! 🙂

What do YOU think?! Please do share your thoughts: