Kent Manthie reviewed my EP and “The World is Not as Bad as It Seems!”

Kent Manthie says The World is Not as Bad as It Seems

A huge thank you to Kent Manthie at Independent Review for his awesome review of my EP – especially the headline “The World is Not as Bad as It Seems!”

(I think I need to write a song with that title!)

I was both surprised and delighted to receive a message from Kent with a link to his recent review of my debut EPThey Come and Go Like Rain“.

Moreover, I was really surprised when I saw how detailed it was; this cat had gone through each song!

So I wanted to say thank you to Kent Manthie for his time and effort and drop you the link to the review so you can see if you agree (or disagree!) with him.

[click here to read the review]

If you do read it please take ten seconds to write a comment on it on his site, to let him know his efforts are being appreciated!

Rock on!

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