Make your future a habit today

Continuing my quest for mobility, I’m writing this week’s post on my phone, whilst whizzing through the Essex countryside on a train.

This is part of my philosophy:

Make your future a habit today

It’s all well and good saying “When I get to X point in my life” (e.g. retirement) “I’ll do Y” (e.g. play golf everyday).

But that would require an abrupt change; one day you’re working as normal, as you’ve done habitually for years, the next day you’re expecting to just stop working and start playing golf.

The problem is, we are creatures if habit.

And it’s very difficult to simply drop one (lifelong!) habit overnight and start a new one.

When we try to do this, it’s usually not sustainable; it’s more like having a holiday, than having a new ongoing routine.

Nice, whilst it lasts.

So, I believe, it’s more effective – and thus, sustainable over the long term – to, where possible, build your future plans into your current daily routine.

That’s why I try to take a daily morning walk in the park with my wife.

We had talked about how we’d explore new places with daily walks when we travel “in the future”.

Then I realised, now IS the future.

If we don’t make them a habit now, then it’ll be that much harder to just change our habits overnight in the future, when we’re traveling.

(not to mention, put off all that enjoyment for some misty – and uncertain – future)

So we started, right where we were.

Which reminds me of one of my other stock phrases:

And that is all a long, roundabout way, of saying that I am moving my workflow mobile – i.e. writing this post on my phone – so I build that habit now, rather than deferring it to some vague “in the future”.

So, I want to leave you with an exercise this week:

  1. Think of your future, your dream goal in life.
  2. Now break down what your average day in that future consists of; what will you be doing?
  3. How can you bring versions of that into your day tomorrow, or this weekend?
  4. What daily habits do you currently have that you could remove (e.g. watching TV) to make space for your “future” daily habit? (e.g. doing something artistic)

Happy thinking and, more importantly, happy doing 🙂

What do YOU think?! Please do share your thoughts: