My Proposition: there will be blood

If you are squeamish this video may offend…

My first week of freedom set a simple challenge; if I’m a songwriter, can I write and record one in a day?

Yes. With a little help.

Letting the song’s mood guide me I looked to one of my favourite films for lyrical inspiration; John Hillcoat’s largely unknown masterpiece “The Proposition“,¬†with an incredible Guy Pearce and an excellent Ray Winstone.

The lyrics might by positive but the song’s dark mood resonated with the film. Perhaps because the latter was written by Nick Cave. Perhaps.

Then nagged a second question; could I edit a video for the song, using the film, in one day?

(Drum roll…)

May I present “I Look Around“, my newest song/video. I’ve taken some liberties tinkering with the footage for my edit, but all visual credit must go to Hillcoat and team for such an outstanding film.

And if you haven’t seen it yet, you should (though my video might spoil it somewhat).

Oh, and did I mention, there is a bit of blood in it. But that won’t put you off watching, will it?

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