My new music video “For the Weekend” released

I’m really delighted to bring you my latest music video, “For the Weekend“.

I filmed and edited the video myself, playing all four characters in it, so it was quite a logistical challenge!

I shot it over the course of quite a few hours, between my flat and a little room in our building’s basement.

The basement room was a bit of a mess of musical equipment, but thankfully I managed to pile it all up off camera, though it didn’t leave too much space to film!

(if you’re interested, you can see the state of it in the exclusive posters and behind-the-scenes videos in the Collectors Edition, which you can grab from the bottom of this page)

Once I’d shot it all it took me quite a few days to edit it, but thankfully I had managed to get most of the shots I’d planned.

I wrote the song some time back, but it took me a while to get round to recording it!

For the recording, I played each instrument, mixed and mastered it myself, at home, in my lounge, among Mina’s toys 🙂

I really hope you like it and, if you do and really want to support me, please consider grabbing the MP3 and other cool bits with the Collectors Edition, just below the video below:

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*minimum of £1, to cover PayPal/Stripe merchant fees and taxes 🙁


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