New Year, New Habits? This app might help!

They say that the roots of success in any endeavour are in the habits you form.

A new year presents a nice, tidy waymarker in time, a clear reference point to make course corrections in our lives; a time to forge new habits.

So, I thought I’d share a tool to help you more easily make and maintain new habits.

There are plenty on the market, and they generally get progressively more over-complicated as their prices increase.

Then I found Loop – Habit Tracker, an Android app that ticks four vital boxes for me:

  1. Price (i.e. FREE!)
  2. Ease, flexibility yet simplicity of use
  3. Portability (i.e. it’s on my phone, and my phone is always on me)
  4. Stats (because I’m a sucker for graphs and “what gets measured gets managed“)

I’ve been using it for a few weeks now (I like to get my changes in early, before the new year 😉 ) and I’ve found it to be a great tool.

When you have one or two habits, it’s easy enough to remember them.

But, once you start loading on more and more habits, remembering to do them can be half the battle.

I’ve found that looking at a simple app a few times per day helps prompt me on ones I’ve forgotten whilst slowly bedding them all into my memory, gently serving to gradually nudge me back on course as the days progress.

So I thought I’d share it with you, in case you may find it of use.

Happy habit forming!!

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