How Are Your Money Skills?

How are your money skills?

Money and skills. Two words that don’t normally go together. Yet I am only just realising how much of a skill handling money really is. And how crucially important it is to, well, life. Like it or lump it money, as used as a tool, enables us to

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Living the Dream

View from the terrace in Ischia

Friday, 5th September 2014. I’m sitting on the terrace in Ischia. It’s 10:30am, the sun is pouring down hot. I’ve got a wide open view of the sea, the castle, trees; it basically looks like “The Dream”. And we’re living it. Rewind back to January, to the British Airways sales. Every year, at this time, my […]

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You may not be great, but are you good enough?

Success isn’t a technique, it is a relationship. I’m not really that great at anything I do. Certainly not compared to those I really admire, those professionals whose work moves me, inspires me, lights fires in me.

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