Desperado Swagger

On the bed trying to distract Mina before she falls on the floor… I snatch at my guitar. Hypnotic bluesy tones swamp

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My Proposition: there will be blood

If you are squeamish this video may offend… My first week of freedom set a simple challenge; if I’m a songwriter, can I write and record one in a day? Yes. With a little help. Letting the song’s mood

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FREEDOM! OK, not quite on Braveheart’s level but there comes a time where you have to make a decision… For me, that time is right now. For 20 years I’ve dreamed about what I want to do with my life. What do you dream of? Are you doing it? I certainly wasn’t.

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My debut book on Amazon!

Let me take you on a journey… Well, four journeys to be exact; I’ve put together a book of four short stories (totaling just over 10,000 words) and released them on Amazon for you to

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