2017 Wall Calendar idea; what do you think?

Although I’m very much a beginner, I love taking photos. Recently I’ve got a little more into developing them too. I like to mess with the colours, oversaturate a little and make them “pop”. I’m thinking of putting some together for a 2017 Wall Calendar and I’d love your feedback…

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Time to reconnect

I’ve seemed to be a bit quiet recently, I know. My website hasn’t been updated in nearly two months. The truth is I’d let it slip to the bottom of my to-do list. But now I’m back; from today, I shall be blogging daily (Mon-Fri) I’ll hope you’ll join me on this next leg of my journey…

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Journal: Week 28

It’s been a few week’s since my last entry, and for that I apologise. But I promise that I’ve not been idle in this time – far from it!

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