Phil the Music Quill Reviews “They Come and Go Like Rain”

When people ask me if it’s OK to review my music I am, of course, honoured, delighted and very happy to accept. But when Phil the Music Quill dropped me an unassuming link to his review I really didn’t expect what I read.

Phil has really reviewed my EP, “They Come and Go Like Rain“.

You can read it here:

And I must say; I LOVED his review!

How could I not?! When someone compares me to some of my heroes (Rob Plant, Paul Rodgers, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, etc) I can’t help but be happy!

So please read this great review and see if you agree; Phil’s obviously taken a lot of time and trouble to listen and write about what he’s heard, so it’d be really cool if you’d drop him a comment on his blog.

And if you’ve not yet got your copy of “They Come and Go Like Rain” you can get it for free, simply by entering your email below.

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