Please Don’t Make Me Cry – re-released music video

In 2013 I wrote and recorded a song called Please Don’t Make Me Cry.

It was a little experiment to see if I could write a “Bond” song.

Once it was done I did a second experiment; I wanted to create a montage video of Bond movies to put it to.

I was really happy with the result and uploaded it to YouTube in December 2013.

And then I more or less forgot about it.

A few weeks ago someone shared it on Twitter and I had a fresh listen to it.

The first thing that struck me was how much improved my mixing skills have become since then!

Certainly, I’m not up to professional standard yet, but I knew I could do a lot better job than the flat, thin and narrow sounding mix I did back in 2013.

So I set myself a challenge; could I remix the song to make it sound much better in one evening?

Well, I certainly achieved the first part of the challenge!

As for the second, well, I leave you to decide.. 😉

Below is my 2016 remix and you can listen to the original 2013 mix here on YouTube.

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