Sweden’s Niklas J. Blixt interviews me

Niklas J. Blixt is a fantastic producer and drummer from Sweden (yes, that country that seems to punch well above it’s weight in terms of awesome producers!) who I had the pleasure of working with on

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A lovely note from Paddylast Inc

Paddylast Inc

Finding a little notification buried in my website dashboard I was, naturally, intrigued. How exciting to find, upon clicking it, a lovely post on me from Paddylast Inc. I’m always so grateful that people choose to take the time to write about what I’m doing – such support is invaluable […]

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Canon Media Introducing: Romeo Crow

It’s always cool when people spend their time listening to my music. It’s even more cool when they spend extra time to write about it! So a big THANK YOU! to Vicki Brough at Canon Media for

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Tamarah’s Closet – Full Interview

Tamarahs Closet - Romeo Crow Interview

Recently I was asked by the wonderful Tamarah Ellen if I’d do a live interview with her on Tamarah’s Closet. I was chuffed…and rather nervous. Then she told me it would be a live video interview. I was far more nervous! “OK”, I thought, “I’ll have to

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UTB Rocks Out with…me! :D

UTB Rocks interview with Romeo Crow

A huge thank you to UTB for their recent interview with me – you can read the whole thing here. I had a lot of fun doing the interview with UTB, mostly because

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il Dispari – My first newspaper feature….in Italy!

When my wife received a Whatsapp picture message from her friends back home in Ischia, Italy, she was somewhat surprised to be staring at a picture of my face in an Italian newspaper… And so was I! Earlier this year I’d put out a video for my song “Shoes“, which was […]

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