Prioritise understanding over action.

It’s been a turbulent year on the world stage.

In a time when our modern advancements enable private citizens to stretch for Mars we also have over 65 million people displaced by conflict and persecution – the highest number since records began.

It seems we have a mismatch here.

The European Union is under extreme stress after the shock Brexit decision of the UK and political divide over immigration of some of those 65 million people.

And the USA has been surprised by the election to President of Donald Trump, a man more known for vows of building walls and punching protestors in the face than for more compassionate and inclusive ones.

Too often people make snap decisions and take immediate action, without fully first comprehending the situation.

Spurred by our emotions we are quick to criticise, quick to give opinion, quick to condemn.

But we’re rarely that quick at first spending time sincerely trying to empathise and understand.

On a global stage, this can have profound, world-changing effect.

But often we don’t realise how much our personal, day-to-day actions add to these changes.

A “harmless” post shared here. An ill-remark made there; these things carry weight.

They set off a chain, influencing others, even though we feel such actions to be small and insignificant.

They should be handled with care; you don’t know what power you wield.

Prioritise understanding over action

Make that your default habit, to inform your mind before you express it.

Put yourself in the other’s shoes.

Seek to know why they feel and act as they do.

Get to their core and then find the common ground.

Prioritise understanding over action.

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