SOLD OUT! (why two innocuous words with a suspect rep have become such sweet music to my eyes 😍)

Many times I’ve had to suffer that plunging, nose-diving, dropping of the stomach upon finding out that something I wanted (usually a concert ticket) is now unobtainable due to the harsh pairing of those two seemingly innocuous words; “sold” and “out”.

But, today, I finally understand what it means to be, however briefly, on the other, happier side of that impenetrable wall.

For, dear reader, I get to proclaim (with, I confess, a little bit of satisfaction) that my 2018 Wall Calendars are….


Thanks to my wonderful supporters, all of my 2018 calendars have found loving homes for the new year!

After a festival thrown in their honour (to which the great and the good of London all turned out in droves), they are now on their way with their army of personal protection professionals (i.e. Posties) to the four corners of the world, ready to bring luck, utility and a large amount of visual pleasure to their awaiting abodes 🎉

Such was the joyous occasion of their preparation and dispatch, I even made this short little video for your viewing pleasure:

(N.B. if the video doesn’t show above click this link to watch it!)

So, thank you once again for your amazing support; whether you bought one of this year’s calendars, or simply read this far, you do me a wonderful honour and are a great help in my development as an artist.

In short; you make it possible for me to do what I do.

And for that, I’m most humbly grateful. 🙏

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