Songs are like buses…

Songs are like buses…you wait for one to come along, and then many come along at once 🙂

OK, not strictly true, but since I’ve started writing and recording again, I can feel the gates opening on a new period of creative work.

Not saying better or worse than previously, just that I can feel there’s going to be a lot coming in fairly short order.

Today, I was reminded of the first gig I had with an old band 15+ years ago – the first time I sang in public.

I also remember that I had it recorded!

So, over lunch, Simona and I listened to it.

The first thing that struck me were the songs; I’d completely forgotten about most of them.

Better yet, there were some good ideas, buried there in the record of the past.

So I took one of the little gems, dusted it down, reminded myself how to play it (it was like riding a bike, my fingers knew what to do even if my mind didn’t) and then promptly wrote a bridge and chorus to it – elements that had been sorely lacking in the original.

And now I have, effectively, a new song – HUZZAH! 🙂

Currently, I’ve titled it “Take What You Want“.

(no idea why, it just came to me)

But, since it has no lyrics, that’s liable to change.

(I actually had an idea for one line in the chorus, that has the hook-phrase “Money Talks“, so that may well be the name of the song, we’ll see)

And there it is, the ghost of old songs past, coming back for a new life in the present.

I’ll keep you posted on how it’s going 🙂

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