Take time to be grateful for things, big and small

A little reminder: take some time to consciously express gratitude for things, big and small, every day.

Your family members are obvious choices, as are your friends.

But you can be grateful for inanimate objects too; I often praise our dishwasher – what a help it is! 🙂

You could be grateful for services you are giving – the opportunity to help someone improve their situation perhaps – as well as ones you might be receiving:

A couple of week’s back we had no boiler for a few days. It meant no heating, no hot water.

Cold showers are not fun (especially with long hair!).

Sometimes you forget how good you’ve got it, at least until something goes wrong.

Be grateful for “simple” things, like hot water out of a tap, or unglamorous services like garbage collection.

These “small” things give us a life of relative luxury.

It’s good to remember to be grateful for them.

You may say it to someone, or you might just think it, internally.

Whichever way, try to make it a conscious, daily habit.

It’ll make you feel happier in life, and put a lot of its lesser challenges firmly into perspective.

I’m grateful you’re reading this 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!

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