Tamarah’s Closet – Full Interview

Tamarahs Closet - Romeo Crow Interview

Recently I was asked by the wonderful Tamarah Ellen if I’d do a live interview with her on Tamarah’s Closet. I was chuffed…and rather nervous.

Then she told me it would be a live video interview. I was far more nervous!

“OK”, I thought, “I’ll have to make myself look a bit more presentable than usual. I’ll shave, wash my hair, do my make up…” (OK, not the last one!).

We scheduled it for 5pm – my time…

At 8:30am that morning some guys came to my flat to repair our boiler, which would mean we’d have no running water until they finished.

No probs, I’ve got plenty of time…

At 4:30pm they finally finished! So, in full panic mode, I dashed off into the shower, tried to make myself look half-decent and rushed into the lounge to set up the Google Hangout connection.

Thus this interview is, literally, as interesting as watching hair dry! 😉

I’m SO rock’n’roll!

Haha, THANKFULLY there is also sound, so that makes up for it, if only a little 🙂

I had loads of fun doing it; there was no need for me to be nervous as Tamarah was a great host and made me feel very much at ease.

So at ease, in fact, that I talked a LOT.

(which I guess isn’t too much of a surprise for those that know me!)

Hope you enjoy it and, once again, a MASSIVE thank you to Tamarah for her time, dedication and focus on both my interview, and what she does in general.

To check her stuff out, just head to

And now, time for me talking…a lot (hope you’ve got a nice cup of tea and a comfy chair…) 🙂

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