Thank you for downloading!

When you’re sitting at home, alone with your own thoughts, working on your passion, do you often forget there is a whole world outside your walls?

I get so focused on what I’m doing that time flitters by, the Earth spins into night…

…and the only people who know anything about my efforts are my wife and children.

(and even then, being only 6 weeks old, all Leonardo really knows is that his nappy is full but his belly empty!)

So to finally re-connect with the world, to share one’s labours is quite a revitalising moment!

This week I finished my shop and finally made all my music available for anyone to download.

And the feedback has been wonderful!

More than as a boost to the ego, it is reinvigorating to see that direct connection realised, between work laboured over alone and someone in another country who is subsequently enjoying it.

It is like the completion of a journey, that sense of “Aha! Yes! This is what I was travelling for!”, the culmination of effort:

It is a wonderful reminder of the reason for those long hours, fiddling over technical problems and wrestling with creative choices, ones no-one else will ever know about.

And it is an excellent motivator to get stuck straight back in, working on new songs for people to enjoy.

So, thank you all for the wonderful feedback on my music and please, if you’ve not yet had a look at my shop, have a browse and see if anything takes your fancy 🙂

Oh, and ROCK ON 🙂

“Daddy Thumbs Up” – taken by Mina, aged 3!

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