They’ve arrived..and they look GREAT!! :D

SUPER CHUFFED to have received my 2017 Wall Calendars today…and they look GREAT! 😀

It’s always a great thrill to finish any kind of creative project, but this was the first that ended with a physical product (all my others have been purely digital).

I must say, there is something totally different (and very cool) about holding something real and tangible, in your hand, that only previously existed in your mind!

I mean, sure, it’s only a calendar, but nonetheless, it still feels like an achievement! 🙂

I’m really pleased with how the landscape photography has been printed; the photos look beautiful!

The paper stock and finish are top notch too; I’m very glad I elected to go for quality over quantity.

As a wall-hanging, double-A4 size calendar, each spread has an image on the top and a blank calendar to write on, on the bottom.

(so that, where-ever you are in the Gregorian world, it’s relevant and useable!)

You can grab one on the link at the bottom of this post.

Here’s the calendar in all it’s glory…on my table 🙂

I only printed a few of them (they were pretty expensive!) as I didn’t know what kind of interest there would be, if any.

Thankfully, I’ve only got three left for sale now, so if you are interested in buying one, please grab it ASAP before they’re all gone!

To get yours now (or send it as a present), click here to have it shipped within the UK  (£19 inc. p&p) or click here if you want it shipped anywhere else in the world (£24 inc. p&p).

If you do get one, I’m sure you’ll really enjoy looking at it – and using it! – throughout 2017 🙂

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