Time to reconnect

I’ve seemed to be a bit quiet recently, I know.

My website hasn’t been updated in nearly two months.

The truth is I’d let it slip to the bottom of my to-do list.

I have been making music; I’ve been sending an exclusive new song each month to those in my Member’s Club.

But, more publicly, at least musically, I’d pretty much disappeared since I released my last music video, For the Weekend,  on YouTube.

(I haven’t even posted about it yet on my website – that’s how behind I’ve been!)

Though, despite this apparent lack of contact, I have been busy!

Obviously, my wonderful wife (Simona) and our joyful daughter (Mina) have been my main focus, but outside of family I’ve also been launching some new projects:

Audience.Ninja is a daily blog about marketing and building an audience. It’s focused on people starting out in business (though a lot of established businesses could probably learn something from it too!). is another new project. Currently also a daily blog, it focuses specifically on ideas, tips and innovation for the modern, independent musician. In the next few weeks I’ll be launching a weekly podcast with it too.

I also have other ongoing projects (like – the website and live open mic nights that I run) and more new ones in the pipeline, including some collaborations, so there’s always lots I’m up to!

However, I realise I’ve been neglecting the very core of what I love to do – namely my creative outlets of music, writing, film and photography – as well as the wonderful fans who have been supporting me on my creative journey – i.e. YOU!

So, from today, I shall be blogging daily (Mon-Fri) on here, as well as Audience Ninja and How To Be Successful in Music.

It’ll be a lot of work, for sure, but I want to reestablish this most passionate area of my life and let it take centre-stage again.

I’ll hope you’ll join me on this next leg of my journey 🙂

What do YOU think?! Please do share your thoughts: