Travels on Instagram

I have a little project this year.

I want to explore and develop my photography further.

So, I’m going to post a new photo each weekday to my Instagram account

(which should also get automatically shared to my Facebook Page too).

Also, I’m only going to use the editing tools built into the Instagram app.

(though the original photo itself may have been taken on another device, e.g. my DSLR camera or Simona’s phone)

I’ve been fortunate to travel to a few diverse places in the past few years, and have been somewhat snap-happy during those trips.

But it seems a waste to have those photos collecting digital dust on my hard drive, so I shall share some of them:

Each weekday I’ll post a new photo on my Instagram account, @RomeoCrow.

Sometimes the photo will be taken that day, other times it’ll be from my previous trips.

So, if you see me bounce from Hong Kong to the South of Italy within a day, you can probably assume I’m not actually that jet-setting!

(most likely, I’m actually sequestered at home in Battersea, being daddy and playing games, grabbing my phone when I can sneak a quick minute and firing off that day’s photo)

I hope you enjoy them 🙂

What do YOU think?! Please do share your thoughts: