Warm and loving walls needed for cute calendars to snuggle up on in 2018; can you help?! 😍

After burying myself in the depths of the Earth, ensconced in my Dark Room, gripping my precision tools and huddled over my nascent collection of travel photographs, I am most delighted to reemerge into the light and announce to the world with a joyous – and somewhat relieved – yell:

And now, having re-acclimatised to the atmospheric pressure of ground level, adjusted my shaded eyes to sunlight, wiped the dripping perspiration from my brow and enjoyed a delicately brewed cup of fine British tea (snipped and shipped from the other side of the world), I’m ready to embark on the next level of this operation;

  • matching up new adoptive parents for my fledgeling wall calendars.

N.B. this is a low-resolution pic for web, so it loads fast; don’t let it’s slightly grainy facade fool you – the printed edition is most splendid indeed!

I’m delighted to say that many Calendars have already found warm and loving homes for the coming year, and they will be despatched post-haste upon their arrival from the printers at the end of next week.

But, alas, a few remaining beauties are, sadly, lacking a family…

Sob. Sob. 😢

So, should you, dear reader, be ready to welcome into your abode a wonderful – and useful – double A4 wall calendar of my delightful English travel photography – to proudly hang on your wall over 2018 whilst your friends marvel at your exquisite taste – then please do reserve one of the few remaining ones on your appropriate link below:

(and, until the end of next week, they’ll be at approx. a 20% discount – so do grab yours before your bare wall cries at you, come the new year, for not showing it enough love ;))

[EDIT: these links have been taken down as this offer has ended]

  • 2018 Wall Calendar for UK Shipping – £15
  • 2018 Wall Calendar for Non-UK Shipping – £19

And now I shall retire to my withdrawing room, to play Lego with Little Miss whilst blocking Little Master’s attempts to ingest our game pieces.

Adieu! 🙂

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