Terms & Conditions

By interacting with "Us" ("Us" being "Romeo Crow" and any of its staff, employers or freelancers), whether via our online services (including but not limited to; website, email, social media, etc), or via our offline services (including but not limited to; our live performances, etc) you agree to do so entirely at your own bodily and professional risk and responsibility.

Any information, advice or interaction you receive from us, in any way, online or in person, is subject to change at any time, and may not be accurate (though always given in good faith), and thus, we cannot be held accountable for any misadventure or wrongful action caused by said interaction with us.

By continuing to interact with us, in any way (both online and offline) you are agreeing to these terms and conditions and thus cannot hold us responsible, in any way, for any outcome.

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